Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Claim to Fame!

Jake is our latest celebrity with his pictures used as the cover of the AFY brochure which is mailed globally to LDS youth.

Ty was interviewed by Transworld Snowboarding Magazine for the hardware feature of their January 2009 - their biggest issue - on how to fix a coreshot on a snowboard. To quote them as you can hopefully see in this article "and the help of a pro like Ty McRae . . . .McRae has been tuning and repairing boards for eighteen years and is here to impart some of his knowledge about fixing beat bases." The small print is Ty's answers to their questions. Ty has a snowboard tune up shop that I will take pictures of and post later.

The Holidays

Here's a few pictures of our holidays - better late than never. We had our whole family home for Christmas which was great! We spent Christmas Eve with my parents in SLC while they're here for Dad's treatments at the Huntsman Center. The New Years party was lots of fun and well attended. We light our fireworks and burn our wreaths off of our poor snowman. What a way to bang in the new year!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chantal is 21!

Happy Birthday to Chantal who turned 21 today! She celebrated for 3 days - Friday with her mom, Saturday with us, and Sunday with her dad. Now Bren is taking her to Disneyland for their anniversary coming up in a week.

So Kenton needs a haircut. . . . . . . . .

So off came the rat tail (Bren's Christmas present) then the shaver, and walaa! The final product!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Rainforest blanket

Grandma Volmer made Kenton his afghan. He's the 17th grandchild to receive one, as she makes them in order of their birth. He calls it his rainforest blanket and loves to lay around with it. Any yes, it is long enough for him!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

More of Halloween 08

The boys winterized the pool in freezing water, while the girls started the pumpkin carving.

Frankenstein haunts the neighborhood

Bren wore this mask in grade school - a Frankenstein wannabe! Chantal seems to like it!

Seth (pirate?) and Kyla the bat - same bat costume I made Kiera her first Halloween

Kenton, Bradon, Scott, Justin, Jake

You would never recognize the boys! Jake was Master Chief - Halo! Kenton was Bob Schwartzki (I guess you have to be young to know who these characters are!) But for Scott you have to be older to know that he was one of the Village People rock group. Kenton and his buddies went out later as a soccer team.

Halloween 08

Frankenstein got a wife this year - a very wicked witch! And her daughters were just as wicked!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Gardner village, conference weekend

For conference weekend we had grandma and grandpa Volmer, Becky and her son Matt, Ben and Stephanie's family, Chelsea, and my entire family at our house (my camera is broken so here is some pix from Kiera's) Here's Scott getting in touch with his creative side with Kiera's crosstitch. Look how far Kaylee has come on her afghan!

On the Couch

Kyla, Powder (doggie!), and Uncle Jake

Kyla with her Grandpa

Girls night out at Gardner Village - guys are at Priesthood

Chelsea tries a witch hat on Kyla - she's not sure!

The sisters at the yarn store picking out yarn so Chantal can knit them a scarf

Kyla and Matt riding the skateboard